Outdoor Personal Training – Some Considerations by Roid Reddy

The first thing that comes to one’s mind at the mention of fitness is gymming and may be that is quite natural because majority of them hit the gym for exercises. But how many of us actually think of switching to outdoor personal training? Outdoor personal training is a refreshing way towards fitness rather it helps you come out of the boring equipment training that are so monotonous and strenuous, which could eventually be de-motivating to you. This is when you should give a try to what is called outdoor training that will prove to be a rejuvenating change.

Research has proven that a majority of us spend more than three quarters of our time indoors; and this is an alarming thing because we didn’t evolve to spend indoors, coming out has invariable benefits.

List of benefits with outdoor personal training:

1. Escaping from the boredom of indoors
2. Enhanced levels of endorphins after training/work out
3. General feeling of energized in the outdoors
4. Increased levels of vitamin D and serotonin due to sun exposure
5. Break from routine to be motivating
6. As an added benefit you can even get some wanted skin tan

Besides the usual benefits of personal training
– Weight loss
– Increase in strength and stamina
– Muscle toning
– Body becomes flexible
– Helps improve the health of heart
– Stress and anxiety reliever
– Promotes immune strength
– Shoots your libido
– Gives confidence; especially post weight loss and muscle toning

And for those who are serious about venturing into outdoor training exercises here are few things one must consider:

– Any physical training session demands sufficient consumption of water and it holds good for outdoor personal training too. The various exercises you perform outside under the scotching sun could result in dehydration, so drink plenty of water.

– A pair of sunglasses comes in handy while outdoor training.

– Comfortable, light clothing and right fitting sports shoes are necessary for outdoor personal training.

– Use a good UV sunscreen to avoid skin damage.

– Consume sufficient carbohydrates and antioxidant-rich food that helps during your outdoor training session.

The aforementioned tips can help you have a successful outdoor personal training session.

Whether your aim is to losing weight or rising fitness levels or enhancing your athletic performance, or simply gain confidence, you should be looking for some outdoor personal training that can make a difference in your health and fitness levels. Feel free to check the website and see if outdoor training schedule and timings suit you. You can learn about personal trainer who can help you at http://www.outdoor-fitness.com.au/outdoor-training/

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